Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shuri Castle Gardens

Shuri Castle Gardens

InuYashsa Meiji project a sympathetic homage to Shuri Castle Japan.

This was not intended to be an exact copy of Shuri Castle in Japan. It is a close representation and homage to the castle and its beauty for SL.

It has a Japanese castle and shop, and gardens that are a unique creation.

This is an amazing work by a great artist who works in immense detail and is very creative and dedicated.

This is worth seeing by everyone in SL as an example of detailed building.

If your AV is too tall, seeing in some areas may be tough, when not in mouselook mode. The best thing to do is move the viewing camera closer to your AV when moving.Some people forget this is possible without a mouse wheel by hitting CTRL - 0 (Zero). It moves your camera position closer to your AV's head.

CTRL - 8 moves you away and CTRL - 9 brings you back to default. The castle is built with a real world average height. In other words for a RL AV, made to be only 5' 11"not 9+ feet tall.

Those of you with really tall AVs should try the camera adjustment. It works. And you'll enjoy the castle much better.

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