Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Silk Waters Mountain

Silk Waters Mountain

It's Japan in Winter ! Beautiful Japanese/Chinese styled village, Asian marketplace and the Dragon Atrium. See SL's largest Buddhas amidst the snows and mists! Explore sleazy run down Low town, and visit red light area and find the Money Tree.

If you like Yamato town in Dore and Neo Japan Tehama, you will love this wonderful snow covered town originally created by Versu Richelieu, and Jova Song, Snakekiss Noir now controls this project.

It has a lot of detail and such amazing atmosphere .. and guess what just like Tehama, its got an eastern market full of lanterns, carpets, and goods to buy..!

It's been dramatically extended across the entire sim now and into the next two, with new mist shrouded mountain-high 'Peak' areas added on.

The largest winter village in SL with exclusive housing and two areas of cheap new starter homes for new players, merchant carts and stalls and mini shops for rent.

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